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CJ has been a journalist for over 15 years in both Ireland and England. Their work spans newspapers, podcasts, radio, magazines and online platforms.

Although they have reported on everything from general elections to sex toys, they specialise in disability and neurodiversity, sex and sex tech, cannabis and CBD as well as anything LGBT+ and history.

CJ has had an incredibly varied career from spending three years in the cannabis industry as a reporter and medical cannabis patient to five years in the clay shooting industry reporting. They have also interviewed a range of people from John Lydon to Olly Alexander to Nico Marley, Vicky McClure and Bella Ramsey.

In the name of journalism, CJ has done a little of everything from wild swimming to joining a rugby team to holding a real human skull in their hands – twice – don’t ask, long story. They also wrote extensively about sex including tech and toys from 2021 onwards.

In 2022, CJ started researching old buildings in Nottingham which led to a series of articles on the history of the city. Yeah, sex writing is cool but have you ever felt the rush of uncovering decades-old crime stories from abandoned buildings?

CJ is still working in local news for the newly established Nottingham World as editor. They are also a freelance journalist and now author.

Click the links below for a glimpse into the weird and wonderful world of CJ’s professional work.