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NeuroQueer: A Neurodivergent Guide to Love, Sex, and Everything in Between

CJ’s first book is available now and can now be bought direct from THE SHOP.

It is also available in eBook and Paperback formats on Amazon, and will soon be in quirky lovely bookshops around the country.

In this labour of love, (sex and everything in between) CJ combines their own background as an ADHD journalist with academic research, medical studies and the lived experience of other queer ADHD individuals.

In doing so, they present the most comprehensive exploration of ADHD and relationships to date – all from a queer, non-binary and trans-inclusive perspective. It covers everything from falling in and out of love to sex toys and the difficulties of dating as a neurodivergent person.

The book highlights the desperately low levels of research and healthcare options available for the LGBT+ neurodivergent community and demands that we deserve better.

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